Parking Spaces

“Parking Platanos” is a parking space of 600 spots that operates on a self-service basis. Special spots are also provided for serving disabled people (disabled spaces). In addition, it has size-specific spots for large cars, as well as a waiting area for passengers. You can access it either from the stairwells or from lifts located in the beautiful square that has been formed in the overground area. Moreover, double entry and exit ramps are provided for so that two cars may simultaneously be serviced and traffic congestion may be avoided. The parking space is located at the most central point between the metro station and the historic, traditional (and commercial) center of Kifissia. Total area: 16,143 m²

The space will soon house:

  • An electric car charging system.
  • A car wash with integrated cleaning services.
  • Dry cleaning service (Platanos dry cleaning)
  • Bike Sharing